Thoughts on 2016: My 5 Findings

“You will always get lost in life. The trick is to find yourself.” -Me

Hi all! 2016 is about over guys and if you’ve had the opportunity to browse through your social media lately, because let’s be honest…we all have our moments where we just scroll through posts for hours and hours, then I’m sure you’ve seen post’s like, “2016 Sucks!” or “2016 has been the worst year!” I can’t really remember if it’s like this when the end comes for every year, but 2016 especially has received the brunt force. But, I feel indifferent. Has it really been that bad? Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their own experiences. Personally 2015 was the worst year, but 2016 seems to have gotten on the bad side of almost everyone I know.

Disclaimer: My thoughts will be a mix of situations that have happened in the world, but mainly on my personal experiences this past year.

Now, someone has read that first paragraph and is now saying, “Yes! Have you paid any attention to what has been going on in the world?” To answer your question, yes. I have paid attention to what has happened. From the war in Syria, attacks in Paris, Coup in Turkey, U.S. elections, and many others. There have been and still are so many situations happening in the world today, that if I were to only focus on them I probably would not see a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Every single one of the situations I mentioned (also those I didn’t mention) are extremely important and deserve everyone’s attention, but I’ve always lived my life with the idea of you cannot forget the good things happening in your life.

This blog post is basically devoted to discuss some things I’ve learned in 2016, and to be honest…it’s A LOT. So, in order to not drown you with a million words, I’ve decided to break it down into the five most important things I’ve come across and here they are!

1) Be grateful for everything, even the little things.
A process I’ve been working on is this idea of being thankful for everything that happens to you. I know that my life is different and I cannot compare my hardships with others, but they are my hardships. I’m thankful for those hardships because they have helped me grow into the person I am. Not only am I thankful for these, but I’m also thankful for quality time with my friends (old and new), my parents, the privilege of being able to start my Master’s, and many others.

2) Not everyone will stay in your life and that is okay, because sometimes they aren’t supposed to.
When you were younger you may remember someone mentioning to you that everyone comes into your life for a reason. Now, even though I noticed this while growing up as well, the notion really hit me this year. I really do believe everyone you meet serves a purpose for you. Either you are learning a lesson (and boy have I learned some lessons) or you are teaching them one, there will always be an impact. Along with this I realized the importance of letting go of people who bring you down. This doesn’t mean they were mean, rude, or bad, it just means it was time to move on and that is okay.

3) Standing out is not a bad thing.
In the past couple of years and even up until some months in 2016 I was at a secret war with myself. I would constantly critique myself on everything. I felt inferior to most people and sometimes I took a lot of reactions from people to heart. I have always been tall and a bit bigger, so I’m no stranger to the snide remarks and the reminders of how intimidating a tall woman is and how I shouldn’t wear certain shoes. But you know what, I decided the only person I should aim to please is myself! I will wear my heels and I’ll walk proudly! There is nothing wrong with standing out and I’ve realized the beauty that lies on the outside but also within me. –> Another disclaimer, there are other reasons for having these feelings, but this example is the only one I think appropriate for reading 😛

4) Not knowing who you are is normal.
I’ve spoken with some of my friends and we’ve all come to the conclusion that we still aren’t sure of who we are and where we are heading. Keep in mind, we’ve all finished college, besides us in our graduate studies, and are working our “big kid” jobs. We STILL don’t know! But, that is okay. I feel like this past year I’ve started to slowly realize small things about myself. Your 20’s are meant for exploring. I can’t speak for the other years, because I’m not there yet (I may say the same thing about my 30’s). But I know that it’s okay for me to not know about everything I like when it comes to music or different forms of art, the career I want, who I want to be with, and why I am the way I am. It’s okay.


5) I Love Myself
This may or may not go with number three, but I love myself. I need no other words to describe this.

Well, there ya have it folks. I just described my five findings during 2016. Even though they are numbered, I can’t really say which is more important, because they all have a significant meaning to me. I’m still growing and I’m sure I have plenty more lessons ahead of me in 2017, but I’m looking forward to learning them. 2016 was the starter year for me, 2017….is my year.

Also, my featured image is compiled of pictures from 2016. There are so many I would’ve liked to have included, but my slots were limited 😦

Anyways, see ya in 2017 friends!




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